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Mary Green is a full stack marketer with 12 years of expertise in digital marketing.

She specializes in inbound marketing but have experience across almost all avenues of online marketing.

How did you start out as a marketer?

I began writing content for websites in 2004, and wanted to learn more about getting clients.

How did you get your first client back then, and what kind of service did you do for them?

I contacted websites that I found and asked them if I could help. I provided writing services.

What do you find most rewarding about what you do?

Helping others achieve business success with my help.

We have a lot of readers who are bent on becoming freelancers, aside from freelancing how else can someone earn online, and what is your advise?

They could work for companies as employees. There are a lot of companies hiring at and other remote work boards.

How is your typical work day structured?

I would have gotten over impostor syndrome and started charging more a lot sooner. My typical day involves checking email, check social media, and working on tasks in Asana.

Can you tell us about a time where you had to put in significant effort up front and then wait a long time for success?

Starting any blog.

You’ve been tasked with redesigning the company’s brand strategy from the ground up. Walk us through your process.

Research what products and services we sell. Research what our customers needs and wants are.

Research where they gather online, what types of content they consume, who they follow, etc.

Build personas, content and web assets around customers’ inbound needs.

Where applicable test social media advertising.

Use social media (growing the fanbases) to distribute content and build relationships with customers.

Can you tell us about a past situation where you had to juggle multiple projects with competing deadlines?

I used to run Social Media Fuze, I handled inbound marketing campaigns for several HubSpot partner agencies and their clients. It was a constant juggle.

What recently-developed marketing strategy, technique or tool interests you the most right now?

Content promotion.

It isn’t the newest thing on the block, but you have to constantly adapt.

What do you do to stay up to date with new marketing techniques?

Read a lot! Pocket App, Blinkist, Twitter, Medium, and emails.

Can you tell us about a project you’re most proud of from your past work history? helping it grow from 42k members to over 154k lots of fun and experience being the content and community manager.

Which one book/blog post would you recommend every Marketer should read?

Influence by Robert Cialdini.

What advice would you share with other Marketer’s who want to become more productive?

Stop coming up with excuses and hustle. You get in your way more than anyone else.

If there’s one Marketing Guru you’d recommend who and why.

Seth Godin, he’s phenomenal.

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