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Joseph Ho is the founder of E-­ a fierce and focused digital marketing consultancy in Singapore.

He also blogs about his own online project at Joseph­

What is your main source of income? (ex: Client Servicing, Affiliate Marketing, Adsense)

Client servicing and Adsense.

How do you close a potential SEO client deal?

I will usually do a 30-minute call to understand more about the client’s objectives or their issues.

After getting their website URL, I will do a detailed website and competitor analysis before I present my SEO strategy to them.

Usually, after they read the analysis report, I think that’s already 70% closed.

After that, I will give them a call or meet them to do the final closing.

What SEO tools do you have experience with, which ones do you prefer, and why?

There are many SEO tools I am using; however, the one that I use the most is SEMrush.

I like the function of knowing which keywords the competitors are ranking.

Have you ever been in charge of or part of a campaign that was successful? If so, what was the result of the SERPs, how long did it last, and what was the term?

I had one client where I managed to push their organic search traffic by 5 times, and they had been maintaining position 1 for many local terms for 2 years now.

Other clients have doubled their traffic, and some have received very big leads.

Have you ever been part of a campaign that ended badly, with the site being banned or losing its ranking, if so what happened?

Yes of course, some ended badly during the panda update and never recovered from the ranking.

Have you ever done any blackhat SEO and if so were you penalized?

Yes and I was penalized for it.

What are your best practices for on­site SEO?

Run an audit using screaming frog to see where the technical errors are, then correct it straightaway.

Below are two SEO scenarios, please explain in detail how you would go about both:

Scenario 1: A client has a new site that is not indexed and not ranking, he wants to rank quickly, his terms are mid­level about 25,000 searches a month, how would you go about this.

I will tell the client to use Adwords or Facebook ads, it is impossible to rank quickly in this scenario.

Do an onsite audit, setup a blog to produce fresh content.

Set up a social media strategy to have interesting content for the target audience.

Use SEMrush to see what the competitors are ranking then go after those keywords.

What niches you’d consider to be untouchable (hard to really rank on) and why?

No niche is untouchable, however there are some niches which will take more time and resources to rank it up.

If there’s one thing that you’d want me to buy from you using your website what is it and how would you go about it?

Of course, it’s my SEO Services. Head over to E­

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