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Featured Posts

  • The Power of the OFFER

    The Power of the OFFER

    Olha Kaly’s expansive curiosity has undertaken her to commit to new projects that opened doors to new worlds, goals and achievements. Her constitution is and has always been to innovate, to break patterns and to contribute to society by solving problems. Olha Kaly works today towards establishing the necessary foundations and building long term goals…

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Latest Posts

  • Nora Dunn

    Nora Dunn

    Nora Dunn is The Professional Hobo – a woman who sold everything she owned in Canada (including a busy financial planning practice) in 2006 to embrace her dreams of full-time travel. She has been on the road ever since, earning a location independent living as a writer on the topics of travel, personal finance, and lifestyle design.…

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  • Marvin Russell

    Marvin Russell

    Marvin Russell is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and a self-proclaimed “obsessive, compulsive, perfectionist”. He is the former CEO of The Ocean Agency (acquired in 2014), a digital marketing agency in Chicago that worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Walgreens, Sprite, Toyota, CareerBuilder, and BlackBerry. He has been interviewed on NBC,…

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  • Chris Long

    Chris Long

    Chris Long is the Inbound Marketing Manager at ProFromGo Internet Marketing. He is an enormous fan of all things search. He is constantly keeping up with the latest Google algorithms and analyzing new tools to help ProFromGo’s clients succeed. Not only does he have an eye for great marketing campaigns, but he also takes great…

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  • Bart van der Meer

    Bart van der Meer

    Bart is the owner of Klik Proces. An SEO and conversion optimization company based in The Netherlands. Our team of fifteen professionals loves content creation, design, promotion, analytics, experiments and sandwiches. How would you explain specifically what you do as an SEO? As an SEO, you are always looking for the right balance between creating…

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  • Dan Callis

    Dan Callis

    Dan Callis is an SEO Analyst at Further, an award winning digital agency based in East Anglia. Dan has been working in the SEO industry since 2011, working on all types of projects from large eCommerce and enterprise sites to SMB and local trade sites. He also dabbles in videography under the name Callis Makes…

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  • Gareth Cartman

    Gareth Cartman

    Gareth is Director of Digital Marketing at CLD, a boutique UK digital performance agency based near London. He’s been in SEO and digital marketing for 15 years, working across publishing, HR and technology while running his own sites and blogs. He’s also a dad of two talkative young children, and for his sins he’s an…

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